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Modera Galleria

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This is the first multi-family project in a much larger master plan community that is called mid-town that replaces the old valley view mall. We anchor the corner of the new development area and we created a strong corner element as you are coming down Noel Rd toward the Galleria Mall. One of the strategies to break this building down and keep it fairly flat to define the streets was to create floating boxes and read a really strong kind of stream lined base but at the ground level units got extended yards.

This building with 321 units, has a forecourt that we needed to have, an open space per City requirement, it wanted it to be a break in the building were people actually perceived in public if the drove by it, even though it is intended for pedestrian connectivity, you will see it all the time. The forecourt is recessed about 100 feet in, to break the building massing and then it has a carriage way that goes under the building to the pool courtyard.

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