Projects : Traditional Neighborhood Development

Sloane Street

Carrollton, TX

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Located in Carrollton, Texas. It is a neighborhood development plan which includes 8 buildings and a total of 500 units. In order to get to this community, people need to go through the primary street fill with retail and restaurants, the rest of the community is surrounded by the Pearson Professional center which includes a football field. We decided that a density change from very dense adjacent to these mixed uses were necessary to help create a buffer between the residential buildings. Buildings with a smaller scale are into the middle of the site which are townhomes with attached garages.

The first building entering through Sloane Street it is a 5-story building that includes the leasing center, next we have a 4-story wrap with a parking structure and the pool courtyard. The rest of the other building includes attached garages in the ground floor.

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