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The Boat House - Amenity

The Colony, TX

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The Boat House community is part of the Austin Ranch development, and is located on the southwest corner of Plano Parkway and Windhaven Parkway and it has a site area of 25.223 acres.The community consists of 526 units distributed over a combination of two- and three-story apartment and townhome buildings.

The main concept that drives the community plan is the drive that encircles the existing lake.The formality of the circle imposes an overlying organization to the entire multi-phase development plan.The site plan also creates multiple secondary pedestrian connections and visual corridors that link the entire project to its surroundings and that link key elements inside the development, such as the lake, open park areas, and the nature preserve area on the south.Buildings are placed strategically to reinforce these concepts and help create a walkable neighborhood.

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