Projects : Traditional Neighborhood Development

The Canals at Grand Park

Frisco, TX

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This project is located in Frisco, has 20.362 acres and a total of 365 units. It is part of a master plan community which includes senior housing, townhomes, single family, restaurant, retail and multi-family. The multifamily is on the primary entry spine road along with the canal which leads into the entire development.

On the main street, we were tasked with developing the building that could accommodate future retail in the ground level. We did that by adding additional height, incorporated storefront in the design that could be looking more like retail rather than residential.

Deeper in the site the scale of the blocks and the buildings changes. There are a series of 3-story buildings which create a secondary street and 2-story townhomes are deeper into the main road.It is an interesting mixed-use community that goes from commercial down to more residential and it ends with a park that has an amenity community center in the middle of the it which it is meant to be public for the entire development not just for our phase. This project also includes a clubhouse, dog park and a pool area.

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